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Annual Calendar

The 2008 Calendar is finished!! Every year I do 2 calendars: one is for the Biggins side of the family; the other for the Williams side. There is a tab you to click on for each calendar. The calendar is a .pdf file. You can print this through Adobe Acrobat. The second file to be printed is the address book. This is a .doc file.
This year the picture I wanted to put on the cover is the picture of Foy Farm in Ireland. My Grandma Biggins was a Foy. There are still Foys living there.
My brother, Peter, found this farm on his last trip to Ireland. A lot of the history (genealogy) of the Biggins' can be found on Peter's Pioneers Website. Peter took this picture. It is awesome!!
With lots of love and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and New Year,
Mom, Emily, Auntie Em

Click here to go to Peter's Pioneers


Foy Farm, Ireland near Ballinrobe, County Mayo

Click here to print the Foy Farm Picture